Russell Prothero
Old Garbo News


2011 sees Old Garbo currently in the studio working on the follow-up to 2007’s “An Unpleasant Number”. Three different flavoured sets of songs are emerging. Whichever set completes first will be the next release.

Set 1 has the working title “Chaw and Glutch”. Set 2 is “Cuckoo” and set 3 is “Forlorn Good Cheer”.

60W Enlightenment lyric

“Ice, I melt.
I become whole.”

from one measureFrom “walking On All Flaws”

Live Gig Dates


At the moment we're kind've using guerilla tactics when playing gigs - no one knows when, no one knows where. This might seem a little, how shall we say it? - eccentric, but that's how we find life at the moment: erractic, unpredicable and sehr wechselhaft.